Introducing to Australasia area  Australasia Coatings have teamed up with the renowned KG Industries a recognised leader in protective metal coatings and lubrication specialty products the world over.  Industries covering marine, automotive, firearms or where chemical, corrosion, lubrication and impact resistance protection is sought.


We supply, their trademark “GunKote Protective Finish” considered the firearms industries benchmark standard for a line of high temperature, mould and oil free release coatings. These core products are not limited to firearms though. They have a desired finishes including engine block and heads, carburettors, radiators, inter-coolers, propellers, sewer/water pumps, etc.


KG coatings meet the most stringent guidelines and are suppliers to the US military.

Our coatings have a resistance to the following:- acid, alkali, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, hydrocarbons, trichloroethylene, aviation fuel, hydraulic fluids, jet fuel, lubrication oil and paint remover.


Our products are not limited to any specific metal group. Coatings are easily applied to aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, cast iron, steel and variants.


We also cater for friction reduction coatings suited to internal components of petrol, gas, diesel, motors and high load surfaces of gear boxes and differential components. In reality there is no metal product we can't coat and " it's only limited by your imagination ! "


If you desire the most cost effective solution to a problem, or have a special need, we can supply a tailored solution with a customised formulation of products suited to your companies needs. Talk to us for an understanding approach to that problem and we can work together for a solution.


From the  Director:


"We are a small and unique coating company that can coat extremely thin coatings and still be able to retain high durability and visual finish.


Our products are made to the highest standards and guidelines with acceptance in the US military and US aerospace sector.


We pride ourselves on attention  to detail and customer satisfaction.

We have  ACT firearms Dealer Certification allowing us to apply coatings to all categories of firearms in general use, as well as buying & selling of firearms."


Dale McCleary

Managing Director



Address: PO Box 298 Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

International: 0011 (61) 428 314 270

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